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Уничтожение вредителей для частных лиц





We use a lot of different chemicals and here are some of them:


ULTRA gel - is a food lure, created by German company Bayer, used for successful cockroach killing.

CRACKDOWN – concentrate for preparing water solution. It's non-toxic and it works on any surface of any pollution conditions; it has obvious provocative effect, which makes insects to come out. This chemical is to be active for 6 months after application.

K-OTHRINE® SC25 – Non-toxic chemical which used against synanthropic cockroaches, house flies, fleas, bed-bugs, mosquitoes, etc.


DETIArodent food lure. Its doze which rodents can eat with daily portion of food (around 6%), is deadly for them. It is also effective against rodents which are anticoagulant resistant.

BRODY – lure type wax briquettes. It acts violently on rodents for a long time and is to be eaten up well. Unlike granules and other forms, use of wax briquettes prevents lure's scattering, which excludes accidents of poisoning.

The antidote is vitamin K1 and remedies based on it, which are to be used under medical supervision.

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