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pest control service





How should be area prepared for pest control service?
If distance between walls and furniture is less than 5-10cm, then it's required to move away sofas, armchairs, small cupboards from plinths, remove towels and clothes from bathroom, cover or remove opened food; it's not required to empty cupboards since there the gel is to be applied. In the working area there mustn't be any children or animals while chemical apply.

How is going pest control?
Liquid chemical sprays along the perimeter of a room (on plinths, around cupboards etc.). Gel is to be applied where the liquid is better not to use (kitchen cupboards, electronics etc.).

How soon after pest control process a cleaning is permitted?
After drying of worked up surfaces only those places which are immediately next to opened food may be washed, other possible insect habitats (plinths, cupboard doors, side jambs etc.) shouldn't be washed up at least until insects' complete extermination (1-3 weeks)! If chemical would not be washed up longer, it would guarantee killing of new coming insects.

How to wash dishes and objects if there will be chemical on it?
Objects and dishes will be enough to wash by normal cleanser.

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