About pests


It’s one of the most ancient species in the world. Cockroaches weren’t changed by evolution. It’s one of the most prevalent insects all over the world. 8 species are the most important among 3600 species known and described.
The insects like warm conditions and appear mostly in heated buildings. Cockroaches reproduce the whole year, eat everything except glass and metal, have a good sense of direction.
Usually cockroaches are available in bad sanitary conditions of a place. The main principle in cockroach control is to follow conditions health requirements, to remove their power point, water sources and hiding-places. Consequences of cockroach availability in human living places are negative since synanthropic cockroaches are dangerous not only because they damage food, they also spread different bacteria and vermin-worms’ eggs.


Ants are prevalent all over the world. It is known that there are around 6000 species of ants; most of them live in wild nature. In temperate climate zone black garden ants and white-footed ants are the most prevalent.
In the end of forties buildings had been populated by red house ants. That is heat-loving specie which lives in tropical and subtropical countries. In our country it lives only in heating buildings.
Ants are carriers of infectious pathogens.


Rats appeared millions years before mankind, so it’s impossible to tell the exact day of their appearance. Their homeland is also difficult to define: Africa, Australia, and Eurasia. Following people some species began to spread to the North. Little by little they took over the world and became people’s “companion”.
Rats don’t just spread infectious deceases but they also cause an economical damage by eating feeds, food and damaging products, lowing food quality by leaving hair, dung, urine on it; as well as fire caused by short circuit because of isolation damage.


There are 370 species and 1500 subspecies of mice all over the world. They survive despite the fact that they are always in mortal danger and have lots of enemies. It can be explained by their amazing adaptation ability. Mice could even survive in a fridge at temperature up to -10C.
Main damage is caused by mice’s habit to eat everything they see and drop dung everywhere. Mice cause discomfort by grinding off their cutting teeth on everything except glass, porcelain and metal.

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